Turn Your Old Point-and-Shoot Camera Into a Creative Nightlight

Perhaps inspired by the vintage camera nightlights we shared last year, photographer Laura Merz decided to upcycle her old Kodak digital camera by turning it into a nightlight for her house. She writes,

I took out all the tiny screws and gutted the camera very carefully as to not crack the exterior case. Be careful — some of the parts are pretty sharp. Removing the lens is the last step, and allows you to insert a small round night light through the opening. I had to crack off the exterior casing on the night light, but with a little force, it snapped right off.

It’s a creative way to breathe new life into an outdated or broken digital camera.

  • Gregn

    That actually makes something useful out of that particular camera.  I have it an you can only take about 15 pictures with new batteries before it shuts down for low batter.  Cool wall treatment in the picture too.

  • Anonymous

    my camera hasn’t got that big lens,

    No thanks