Eye-Fi Says New SD Association Wireless Standard Violates Its IP

Perhaps lost amidst the excitement over new cameras at CES 2012 earlier this month was the SD Association’s unveiling of a new Wi-Fi data transfer standard. This new specification should make it easier for other memory card manufacturers to jump into the Wi-Fi-capable memory card game — an arena currently dominated by Eye-Fi (and more recently Toshiba).

Eye-Fi is, predictably, not happy with this latest development. The company is itself part of the SD Association, but has chosen not to back the standard. In a blog post published last week, CEO Yuval Koren argues that any company implementing the new standard would violate Eye-Fi’s patents for technology that took “tens of millions of dollars and several years” to create.

(via Eye-Fi via Engadget)

Image credit: Eye-Fi card by sphynge

  • alexg

    I think it’s good for them. Some competition will improve their software.

  • Mickeyblast

    I think competition would be good for them, but the company deserves to get a few steps ahead before they are raped of their idea, money spent, and work.
    This hasn’t been out long enough for other companies to get to copy it.

  • Anonymous

    Since Eye-Fi didn’t develop the 802.11 standard, the SD card file system, or the idea of putting communication mechanisms on a memory card, unless someone stole their actual circuit design, they need to calm down and drink a nice mug of STFU. Your “idea” was basically a mash-up of existing technologies.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t go that far.  There may be something special involved in tying them together that might be patentable, without reading the patent document, it’s impossible to know.  Sometimes mash-ups are patentable if they make a novel means of executing it.

  • pacabba

    I’m surprised about so much interest for such a kind of Sd card, Eye-Fi has so many unstisifed customers ! Just to have an idea have look to their forum (  

  • Tiki

    They spent “tens of millions of dollars” on this?!?!?

  • Tenley Baldwin

    So April has come and gone long time ago with no news. Did Toshiba back off?