Kodak May Leave Photography to Focus On Printing, Film Business Still Profitable

Bloomberg writes that Kodak’s bankruptcy announcement yesterday was simply another step in CEO Antonio Perez’s grand plan to sell off the company’s photography divisions and patents in order to focus on selling digital printers and ink. At the same time, the company has been quick to reaffirm its dedication to producing film. Kodak marketing director Audrey Jonckheer was quoted by BJP today as saying,

Film (still and cinema) remains a profitable business for Kodak, and we have the broadest and most respected portfolio of films in both segments. We have taken steps to sustain the business as it has declined, and we know that there are hundreds of passionate fans of film for the artistic and quality reasons they cite. We remain committed to make film as long as there is profitable demand for it. And as I noted, it is still profitable.

That’s definitely good news for film photography lovers. Want film to survive? Just keep buying it, and hope other shooters do the same!

Kodak Bankruptcy May Get Out of Photography, Make Bet on Digital Printing [Bloomberg]

Image credit: Grama’s photo emerging from the Kodak printer at Target by Scorpions and Centaurs

  • Anonymous

    Film’s going to survive no matter what Antonio Perez does to sink Kodak completely into the ground. That guy’s grand plan is as extravagant as moldy cheese.

    People love film. Plain and simple. Currently, it’s not a real feasible way for the majority of consumers to capture and share images, but that is because film technology is still in the stone age of photography. Once one of the imaging giants (Fuji, this is a call to arms for you. You have already shown great forward thinking with your X-Series, bring that to your whole company) wakes up to the fact that film is still profitable and can majorly benefit from an update to the 21st century. From production to use to display, film is still done the old way, it needs to be brought up to speed.

  • Guest

    Couldn’t someone make a duel camera… someone could shoot digital and film at the same time?

  • Anonymous

    The new Lady-Gaga designed polaroid nightmare that is a digital camera that shoots digital and can print right there….

  • Janez

    medium format for example. With the hasselblad V series you can use film and digital. But buying a digital back is kind of really expensive – 10.000€ and up ;)

  • Janez

    what about kodakchrome and dye-transfer????

  • Travis

    Do I spy a shitty thermal printer in a walmart?

  • Dan Foy

    Ahh I’d love for Kodak to sell off its camera business to concentrate on film.  I have a Kodak printer as well, but would be very sad to see Kodak discontinue its film to bolster up its printing business.


    Their printers suck….they rip you off in ink..the cartridge can be full but the chip says it’s empty and won’t let it work 

  • Paul

    Film is gone, forever!  I can assure you of that.  As a professional photo lab owner who once ran about 15 million 35mm slide duplicates a year between 1990 and 2001, there is no going back to the film hay-day Kodak once knew, those days are gone.  Digital technology has delivered and knock-out punch to film like a Mike Tyson right upper cut to the chin, and film is down for the count.  Within the last 3 years Kodak has discontinued dozens of films, both chromes and negatives because they are no longer profitable to make.  For Kodak it’s real simple, once a film type is no longer profitable to make, they wont make it anymore… period.  I wish as much as anyone that film would make a strong come back so I had a reason to get my old processors out of storage and fire them back up.  My heart says it will happen, my  brain tells me to forget about it. 
    Kodak will survive for a bit longer.  Now that they’ve filled for chapter 11 it buys them a bit more time, but once all their patents have run their course or have been sold, I think they’re done.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m wrong, and that Kodak can make a strong come back, but I don’t think I am.
    Like when Ford introduced the first model-T, I’m sure there were a bunch of horse and buggy salesmen saying that it wouldn’t last and people would come flocking back to buy their products.  We can all hold out hope, but I’m pretty sure the end result will be very much the same, embrace technology and digital, because it’s here to stay, and films days are numbered.

  • Draws With Light

    If film is profitable, then why has Kodak lost so much money?

  • Dan Foy

    Film isnt Kodak’s only market. It’s the same as how Olympus can lose money on cameras but make money on medical optics.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty ignorant coming from a photolab owner. Where there’s a niche, there’s a way. There are still are horse and buggy salesmen around, just in fewer numbers.

    And a Mike Tyson reference for the digital dawn is pretty poor form, especially when you realize that the proper illustration would have been him knocking himself out.

  • Ralph Hightower

    That is great news for me. I still shoot film. In fact, I ordered and received 10 rolls of Kodak B&W film (Plus X, Tri-X, and T-Max in 100, 400, & 3200) last week before their price increase went into effect.
    However, finding places to develop traditional (non cromogenic) B&W film is difficult. I’ve found two labs, one in North Carolina, the other in Connecticut.

  • Anonymous

    Precision Camera & Video right here in Austin does B&W development and scanning, and they do a fantastic job too!

  • hmgphotos

    Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas does traditional B&W developing.

  • Anonymous

    Additionally, they have been laying off tons of employees for years now, and they are having to pay generous legacy pension plans off on all of those now. They pay more retirees than they do current employees.

    They have been pumping tons of money into Antonio Perez’s (the CEO) dream of forming the company into a digital printing conglomerate. Several employees and higher ups have been quoted as stating that they are intentionally losing money in that sector to gain a foothold for the future. They are essential making industrial printers and then just giving them away in order to sell the ink to them in the future. It’s the dumbest thing this side of Enron that I have heard about in regards to corporate governance.

    I hope Perez gets replaced soon, or Kodak will be done forever.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and home development is easy as cheese.

    Don’t waste your money on 3200, it’s a false iso, it’s really just 1600 that is supposed to be pushed to 3200. I get great results from pushing 400 3 stops to 3200 and it saves you a ton of money! Just don’t forget to let the lab know you have pushed it.

  • PhillipP

    They have, its called digital.

  • Anonymous

     No, digital cameras are called digital. Film photography is a whole other realm.

    Obviously no talking to you about it though. Have fun with your powershot.