A Day In the Life of a College Football Photographer

Want to know what it’s like to cover a football game as the chief photographer of a school’s athletic department? Photographer Joel Hawksley created this day-in-the-life time-lapse video after being assigned to cover a football game between Ohio University and Temple University. It starts early in the morning when he pulls out of his driveway, and ends at night when he pulls in. In between we see everything from setting up, shooting, post-processing, and uploading/emailing photographs. Hawksley used a Nikon D700 and D300 to photograph the game, and a Canon G9 to capture the time-lapse images throughout the day.

  • Kyoshinikon

    This looks uncannily familiar to my routine…

  • Simondtaylor

    not sure he should be videoing himself using a mobile while driving!

  • Ty Komjati

    I work at Ohio University and have shot a few games from the sideline and baseline.  Pretty cool to see this video.  Go ‘Cats!

  • Edd

    Footage of someone driving to work for 2.5 minutes – are you kidding me!

  • Andrew Daley

    Great video, and that’s just a football game (no disrespect, meant just as how.long the game goes for) the past production on a full day motorsports for me takes a full day in itself!!

    Great insight video, it’s nice to see it from someone else’s perspective.