Rumored Specs for the Upcoming Retro-Styled Olympus OM-D

Some spec rumors for the Olympus OM-D camera that we wrote about yesterday are starting to emerge. The retro-styled, weather-sealed magnesium body will reportedly resemble classic OM series film SLR cameras, and will be available in both black and silver. Rather than have a pentaprism like an actual SLR, the 16MP camera will feature a 1.44M dot electronic viewfinder. It’ll be 121mm wide, and will weigh 425g. The release date is rumored to be sometime in late March 2012.

(via Digicame-info via Photo Rumors)

Update: The rumored announcement date is February 8th — less than a month away!

Image credit: Olympus OM-2n & Zuiko 2.8/24 – one of the greatest cameras ever made! by mr. Wood

  • stanimir stoyanov

    More film-styled digital cameras for the hipster crowd…

  • Brookdaledude

    Been there and done that, but cool for some young folks to look like me when I was young

  • rommy

    Hipsters still use regular film cameras. This is for people who want to look like hipsters.

  • Shawn Hoke

    Love it! But I still use my 1972 OM-1 given to me by my father in law. Still working great after 40 years.

  • Miiki

    oh great! another crappy camera on the market, as we need one more. In addition I have to say, that it’s really stupid to take a body design that comes out from the pentaprism feature and rob it of it’s main characteristic (optical viewfinder). They are actually going do dishonour a classic design. Sad. 

  • Lee Harris

    I had every type of pro OMs and feel very nostalgic for them. I also liked the look of the new Fuji, so who knows it might tempt me, something more for fun than my pro work, but the joy of the OM1n was that viewfinder and unique controls, it was better than any other camera I used and unless they can replicate this and having the controls on the lens, I am not sure I see the point, nostalgia for nostalgias sake is stupid, whereas bring back the old style dials ect is actually sensible and more user friendly.

  • Gabor Szantai

    OMG I would gouge it on marble :)

  • Ted

    oh crap i’m a hipster

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Ahh, you’re right!

  • Slobit75

    Hipsters and those not too fond of digital ;)

  • Slobit75

    Looks cool but I already have a retro film style camera that shoots actual film.

  • Brad Maestas

    Agreed! I love the old OMs and still have a 1n and 2n. My favorite SLRs where size and functionality are a concern (Nikon F is the other). I’ve always shot manual cameras and continue to today with the exception of my neglected digital body. Precisely, if they’re simply styling the camera but not offering anywhere near the same functionality as the classics what’s the point? I’m not buying a fashion accessory, I’m buying a tool!