Camera Shop in US Taking Nikon D800 Preorders for $2,700

Apparently there’s a camera shop in Houston, Texas called Houston Camera Exchange that’s taking preorders for the upcoming — but yet unannounced — Nikon D800 for $2,699.99. While photos and specs of the 36MP camera have been leaking for some time now, there hasn’t been much information about the camera’s price.

(via Nikonistas via Nikon Rumors)

Update: A commenter reports that the shop is currently taking a $500 deposit for what they expect will be a $3500-$4000 camera.

  • vladimir byazrov

    here is also a Russian shop listing  canon 1dx for ~$9000

  • Gabor Szantai

    I still can’t believe the 36mpixel. Nonsense with the current lens range.

  • will hall

    create fake receipt for popular product, post photo online, instant marketing!

  • Anonymous

    From what I understand is since the shop doesn’t know what the D800 price will be so they took the D700 price as a deposit and the buyer will have to pay the remaining balance apon pick-up of the D800.

  • will hall

    I take it the D7000 with the same pixel density is also nonsense then? And the Phase one 80MP back has pixels only 15% bigger

  • Gabor Szantai

    Would you like to compare a medium format lens with a Nikkor which were designed for 35mm?:)

    If you had been right nobody would have bought Leaf or Hasselblad.
    Especially for £15000:)

  • Kyoshinikon

    Nikkors can resolve better than most of the canon’s I’ve used…  The shots on my D7000 when I use my 14-24mm are sharper than the ones from my D90 or the D700 or any other body I try. All of Canons 16-35mm’s except the last iteration have been softer on the 5Dmk2 and 7D than on the 50D
    And I’ve used a dozen copies to verify that…

    True about MF though, It does have better optics.

  • charles

    Ive been to this Store, they are great and seem very professional. So I can’t quite believe that they would turn to this kind of stupid advertising… maybe its photoshopped? Maybe a mistake or goof? Or maybe they are in the inside loop…

  • Alan

    Yep, I just called them and they are taking a $500 deposit on what they expect will be a $3500 to $4000 pricetag.