The Nikon D4’s Magnesium Alloy Frame

This is what the new Nikon D4 looks like when stripped down to its rugged magnesium alloy frame.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Marco Mugnatto

    Look at this, Canon

  • groovehouse

    I’m fully expecting that thing to say, “Sarah Connor??” or “I’ll be back…”

  • ZSuttonPhoto

    Canon also uses Magnesium Allot frames…

    So your argument is invalid.

  • Ximenace

    I want mine to look just like this :), no black, no coating…it would burn my fingers in the summer!

  • Iam12whatsthat

    Terminikkor D4

  • Iam12whatsthat

    “Sarah Connor, I would like to take your picture.  Would you please try this outfit on?” :)

  • Markus WET

    So, if someone wants to steal it you could essentially just clobber him to death. :D

  • Workinprogress

    and the glare off of it would wreck your shots

  • Hurryupnow

    look at me I ruin peoples fun comments with my cynicism

  • Me

    The Pentax K-5 was doing this over a year ago for less than a 1/3 of the price of the D4.

  • Mike T

    And this on sonly costs $5,000

  • Scotty

    Yea my old Canon 40D has an Mag Alloy body… its nothing new

  • Sam Wallace

    Oh yeah we’re waiting and waiting on when the newest Pentax will come out. Not just about the body, but the name. Pardon the cynicism, but it doesn’t matter much to the post. 

  • Picture Carolina

    It’s… it’s so… beautiful!

  • Leo de Leon

    It’s so shiny it burns my eyes…. AAAAH MY EYES!!!!

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    a lot of non *pro* bodies are full metal like the d4.. the d300, d7000, d700, 7d, 5d, etc.. its nothing new, its just cool to look at. 

    Nikon just did a good job of displaying it after a nice buffing. 

  • Mario Liedtke

    Wow! Please don’t paint it! Leave it as it is!

  • Eddie

    and theK7 K20 k10, hell all the way back to the *istds , ist d.
    and before that the mz-s , nothing new
    as mentioned many cameras have the mag alloy body. what does vary is how much of the body is mag alloy. the Pentax’s and the high end canon and nikon all have this level. cameras like the D700 D7 have a lower amount and only a partially mag alloy body – gotta give you a reason to buy up :)

  • d3s shooter

    according to NPS the “nikon d700 is a pro body”
    also the nikon f5 has same body essentially

  • Krijsh

    Mine’s more metaly than yours…