Polaroid Unveils New Android-Powered Camera That Looks Like a Phone

Smartphones are constantly getting better at imitating compact cameras, but so far we haven’t seen many cameras that attempt to mimic smartphones. That changes today with the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera, a 16-megapixel compact camera unveiled at CES. It’s a point-and-shoot camera that’s pretty much a smartphone without the phone. Powered by Android, the camera features a 3x (36-108mmm) optical zoom lens, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, 720p video recording, and geotagging. The Android OS means that users can install and use Android Market apps on the camera (e.g. Instagram once it becomes available). It’ll be available starting in April for $300.

  • Samanie Warren

    Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time.

  • Anonymous

    1080 recording, 300 fps 720p slo mo a 3.5mm mic input and I’d probably bite.

  • Cavale Fnord

    This is really cool! It’d be even cooler if it was a phone that looked like a camera (i.e. a phone with a P&S style lens like this). Also there are so many cool camera apps for the iPhone that aren’t available on Android yet, (Hipstamatic and ClassicToy being two of my favorites). I wish they would port them all over!

  • Mark J P

    Seems to be a strange kind of device to me, I mean it may as well be a phone?  Surely it’s only a matter of time before point and shoot cameras become irrelevant?

  • Michael Belfry

    Oh the irony!  : )

  • Simon Giroux

    good to see polaroid getting back into the game

  • Patrick Ahles

    I guess putting a phone in this camera would be possible, but there would be not much space left for a battery with the battery life we are used to… 

  • Anonymous

    Why not throw in the phone functionality and suddenly Polaroid has the best camera phone on the market that might become really popular, especially at that price.

  • Jon Alexander

    Wow polaroid this is out of character!

  • lloyd


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  • Minus Manhattan

    While it may have the Polaroid name, the Polaroid company now is really nothing like what it used to be. 

    IMO this product is completely worthless. Why carry around a separate device that does the exact same thing your smart phone does but perhaps a tiny bit better? 

  • Michaelangelo Ilagan

    I knew it was only a matter of time before cameras had touch screens and OSes. Hell, I didn’t even realize the potential with apps like Instagram. Gamechanger.

  • Cbylov

    i think this is a smart idea for polaroid. believe it or not, lots of people don’t want or need smartphones. and even as photographers, shelling out $100/month for a pocket-sized point and shoot that doubles as a phone is a hefty price tag. this not only appeals to the non-iphone demographic, but is also great for the older generation, too. i can see this being a camera lots of people would flock to as long as it takes a good picture. that’s the big catch… polaroid isnt exactly known for its stellar image quality. let’s see some sample images.

  • Cozmikdebris

    Where does the print come out from?

  • Dennis Marciniak

    I used to work in a camera store years ago. I would see lens jams all the time on cameras that had a retractable lens. People try to take care of their cameras – their cell phones not so much… 

    Should be interesting to see how this holds up.

  • Mhoffmanphoto33

    I was just telling a friend of mine today that I would love to see something like this from Apple. I have a blast playing with the iPhone apps like Instagram, ProHDR and Snapseed. I would love to have better image quality but retain the use of the apps, and of course, be able to instantly post photos to the web.  A camera like this is more about “fun” than “serious.”

  • Joe Blount

    I applaud #Polaroid for trying something new with the #SC1630. I think it is an interesting concept and it really could fill a niche. The possibility of downloading some of the more robust camera apps available on the #Android market make it appealing to me. Photaf for panorama shots, LapseIt Pro for time lapse, etc. The price point is fairly reasonable also if you compare it to other Point and Shoots in the $300 price range.

  • Jen

    I wonder if you can download an app that makes the camera into a phone. I’m kidding… kind of.

  • Shannon Mason

    other than Skype and Google voice this thing is almost a phone, is there even a mic and speaker? 

    Touchscreen cameras aren’t new Android on a camera IS new. 

  • Tri

    this stuff is using ice cream sandwich system or what?

  • PhillipP

    Great to see Polaroid is back with such cool products.

  • Jeff

    I do believe they missed the mark on the name. Did they really not call it the “Poladroid?”

  • Terry Thomas

    There is no company producing “Polaroid” products. What does exist is a holding company renting the name “Polaroid” to anyone who writes a check.

  • 9inchnail

    I really think this concept is kinda futile. Why would I carry around a second device next to my smartphone that has the same apps and functions but has no built-in phone? Two devices that I have to charge every day? No thanks.

    The good thing though is that other companies might see this as competition and work on their phones to improve the camera. I’d be perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy and the lens this baby here has.

  • Kusonova

    Why there is no phone in it? then i need two devices again…

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    The only good thing about this design is to be able to use photography apps on a digital camera. I think everything else is overkill and takes away from the camera.

  • Alex Standiford

    man…if only they dropped in a slot for a sim card.  I could take this to concerts instead of my phone.

  • mr ol’skool

    Interesting to see if this concept flies and people buy into it.

    Having the ability to use ‘apps’ on a reasonable quality camera is great ,how about the regular ‘camera’ makers doing this on some of their own products?

    Also not having to sign up to an expensive mobile/ cell contract is great.

    What next I wonder for further develpoments of this concept……..

  • Kevin Martini

    if they threw a phone in it I would really be interested

  • Guest

    a little pointless without the phone. I’d love a smartphone with a relatively great camera, not a mediocre camera that mimics a smartphone.

  • Anonymous

    Very handy camera , I think cell phone should be added in it, then it would a best device.


  • kotagonnagohyper

    Whoa bro… the war between camera and phone just got REAL. lol

  • kotagonnagohyper

    @ebe0a7fe18223a6df1f3104f208102a3:disqus Where does it come out??