Bathtub Self-Portraits in Bizarre Locations

Japanese photographer Mariko Sakaguchi has a curious self-portrait series in which she photographs herself sitting in a bathtub in all kinds of random locations, which range from business offices to lecture halls.

You can check out the entire series here.

訪々入浴百景 (via BOOOOOOOM!)

Image credits: Photographs by Mariko Sakaguchi and used with permission

  • mythbuster

    it seems rather stupid… anybody got the point?

  • Anonymous

    The people are going about their business as if she is not there.  I think it is supposed to be like the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one acknowledges; instead it’s a naked girl in a hot tub in the room that no one acknowledges.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s all washed up in the business.

  • Justin Javellana

    ba dum tss!

  • Michael

    She not even hot, what’s the point!

  • Grant Mckinlay

    I think it’s great!

  • London Headshots

    I have no idea what the message in these shots are, and I actually hope there isn’t one, because these are just superb. Especially her expression in the first shot.

  • Tynewydd1

    Fantastic idea!  Love the logistical challenge and imagination.
    Shame some of the comments are so juvenile-The Artist deserves some respect-after all-
    She got the shot-you didn’t! 

  • mythbuster

    by the way, for me the fourth picture tecnically speaking is plain bad… what about those strange horns emerging from her head?

  • Rui

    What horns? Those are the frame of the table.

  • mythbuster

    exactly, this is one of the first things you learn to avoid when studying photography…

  • sAbResInSidEr

    Wait, so you can afford to haul a tub around, get people to go along with this, set it all up, and then can’t afford a WIRELESS REMOTE?????

  • Anthony Burokas

    A classic example of:
    Just because you CAN
    Doesn’t mean you should. 

  • Manga

    I actually like the wire. It makes it more obvious that it’s a self-portrait. If it were wireless, you might not get it and think it’s just a photo of a woman in an oddly-placed tub. The fact that it is a self-portrait has a series of logistical implications.

  • Anonymous

    Why all the hate?  These pictures are interesting and actually a bit fascinating.   Instead posting acerbic, asshat comments about how the photographer sucks, actually comment on what she is doing.  Mythbuster is the only person that had anything technically interesting to say.