Sleeping Face Recognition and Beauty Make-Up Mode in New Cameras

With camera-equipped phones eating up more and more of the compact camera market, manufacturers are turning to gimmicky features in order to lure consumers. Canon’s new line of ELPH cameras have a Sleeping Face Recognition mode that’ll make your camera creepy stealthy (i.e. turn off flash, assist beam, and sounds) when it detects someone sleeping in the frame. Olympus’ new VR-340 has a Beauty Make-Up Mode that offers 18 in-camera enhancements (e.g. whiten teeth, lift cheek bones) — something that Panasonic is also dabbling in. Too bad these features can easily be offered as an app on smartphones. Someone should tell camera makers to focus on ease of use and image quality — areas they might still be competitive in.

Image credit: Illustration by Disney

  • John Milleker

    $10 to the first person to hack the firmware to convert sleepmode into a shaming mode complete with lots of permanent marker phallus action.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer a “real” camera to a phone but the ease of use I get from being able to upload from my phone means I use it much more cause it’s always with me. More camera manufacturers need to allow instant uploads over wifi.