Photos of Artwork Created From Nature

Walter Mason of Berlin, Germany shot these beautiful photographs of land art he created. Land art is abstract artwork created using natural materials found outdoors.

You can find more of Mason’s artwork here.

Land Art by Walter Mason (via Photojojo)

Image credit: Photographs by doubleyou_em

  • TylerIngram

    I thought nature did this.. guess it’s more the use of nature to make artwork.

  • Drewsmithal

    looks like a complete imitation of Andy Goldsworthy

  • Fdfds

    Being familiar with Andy’s work I would say it is reminiscent of it most definitely.

  • ZD

    I don’t think he’s trying to copy Andy Goldsworthy, probably just inspired by him and wants to put his own twist on it.  I mean there really is no original idea anymore right?

  • Richard

    Well said.

  • Aaronbottom

    nature + additives –Art who knows.

  • Anonymous
  • Rashida

    truly creative!