New Fujifilm X-Pro1 Photos and Specs, Camera to Offer Film Simulation Modes

Fujifilm’s beautiful X-Pro1 mirrorless camera isn’t official yet, but we now have a clearer picture of what the system will look like after a few product pages for X-series lenses were accidentally published on Amazon (they’ve since been removed). In addition to new images of the camera itself, prices for the lenses were revealed: $500 for the 35mm f/1.4 and 18mm f/2.0, and $600 for the 60mm f/2.4. Also, get this: the camera will be able to simulate 10 different kinds of film (e.g. Provia, Velvia, Astia, B&W)!

The camera will capture 16.3 megapixel images using a 23.6×15.6mm APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor. It’ll have a primary color filter and a cleaning system that uses ultrasonic vibrations. It’ll be feature RAW mode, an SD card slot, 1080p H.264 HD video recording with stereo sound, an ISO range of 200-6400 (expandable to 25600), TTL 256-zone metering, 6fps continuous shooting, a 3-inch LCD screen, and a hybrid viewfinder.

There will also be a hotshoe flash and leather case for the camera.

All that’s left to see is whether the image quality is good and what price they set for the camera itself. Aside from that, the design is gorgeous and the fact that the camera offers film simulation modes with an interchangeable lens rangefinger-esque body will be a huge attraction for people who want to do old school shooting with new school technology.

(via Photo Rumors and Steve Huff Photo via The Verge)

Update: Photo Rumors has published Fujifilm’s entire press release announcing the new camera.

  • Kyoshi Becker

    Drool…   I want so bad. 

  • Pat David

    I think photorumors (I could be wrong) noticed that there was an amazon page for just the body, and the price was at $1700 USD.  Also, I think that Provia simulation is the default film simulation mode (or standard mode).

    $1700USD for the body seems to be the right price to split opinions right down the must have/too pricey divide for many people…

  • Travis

    Glad to see they got rid of the low pass filter with their new sensor design.  Even more glad to see that Fuji continues to change the status qua and try something different.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Is this designed for the hipster crowd? Why use an old school design for the body, lens AND the flash case?

    Not to say it’s a bad thing, but it’s kind of obvious.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    It is definitely overpriced. Though I am most certain there’s a horde of people who will disagree with me on that point. It is a fine camera in many ways… but $1700 is ridiculous.

  • Iam12whatsthat

    cause they sell.

    see leica earnings for verification.

  • C.K. Lee

    There’s no such thing as “accidentally published” these days… just call it what it is – an overused marketing ploy that was feeling pretty tired in 2010, never mind 2012.

    Besides that rant though… cool :) It’ll be nice to see some competition in the space. 

  • C.K. Lee

    Actually, why would anyone be that excited about simulating 10 different kinds of film? Isn’t that what Photoshop plugins are for?

  • Anonymous

    Because real Pros prefer shutter speed dial on top, aperture on the lenses. Those who need 26 different “program modes”  need not apply.

  • Elias

    Also, regardless of whether they’re targeting hipsters, I’ve gotta say it’s a hell of a lot more aesthetically pleasing than any DSLR I’ve seen. Apple’s living proof that a slick package helps move product. I’d chalk it up to good marketing.

  • Iam12whatsthat

    cause it didn’t really cost them anything to add it?

    and it advertises their legacy films that people enjoyed?

  • T. Prescott

    god that is beautiful. Maybe someday…

  • koolaid

    excited so see how the image quality comes out, im sure it wont be any less of quality than the x100, and to mention the “hipster” quality is kind of irrelevant dont you think, why would you even give that a thought? i enjoy having my aperture on the lens i feel much faster, and my hands enjoy the classic square body feel of cameras like this one.

  • Aus_Guy

    Lol. Hipsters can’t afford this.
    Fuji is just getting better and better. I want one!

  • Skinner photographs

    As an M8 owner, I don’t find this camera particularly beautiful. I am excited for a camera that may indeed be better than the M8, accept my Leica/Voigtlander/Zeiss M mount lenses and sell on the used market for half of a used M8 and be 10x better technology. I love the future… could care less if my camera says Leica or Fuji on it so long as the quality is there.

  • C.K. Lee

    Just another waste-of-time gimmick cluttering up the GUI… but I suppose for $1.7K you better get some bells and tinsel to dress it up.

  • Janez

    strap a FF sensor on it and I’m buying it NOW! :D

  • Anonymous

    where is the aperature or shutter priority icons on the dial?  I shoot mostly in aperature priority and would be disappointed if there was no setting for it, unless u have to go to a menu.

  • Chargedscv

    what?! this has nothing to do with hipsters. hipsters didn’t create a classic street photography 35mm body back in the 1940s that’s been mimicked time and time again. this isn’t the camera dad gets for the rare family vacation. this body is unbeatable for quick, unnoticeable shots in the street.

  • Anonymous

    on the shutter speed dial, if you set it to “A”, that will make it aperture priority. on the aperture ring, if you set that to “A” (i.e. to the left of 16), it will make it shutter priority. if you set both to “A”, then it’ll be like the “P” mode of most DSLRs. simple, intuitive, and brilliant if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    i’m excited. i shoot some fujifilm on my FM2n in addition to my DSLR. i would trust that fujifilm’s simulation of film qualities to be superb.. since they actually make film.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not ridiculous.. many reviewers have already pointed out this camera is targeting the leica M9 crowd. you can’t compare this with entry level DSLRs or point and shoots. 

  • Maxvincent92

    That’s the real think my friend , that how we want it , why you have to change something..which is perfect :-)