How Photographs of Fighter Jets in Flight Are Captured

Aviation photographer Justin de Reuck has an awesome job: rather than do photo shoots in the comfort of a studio, he hops into fighter jets to photograph other airplanes in flight. This behind-the-scenes video shows him at work, snapping images while zipping around above the clouds and battling G-forces. The photographs that resulted from this shoot can be seen here.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Spider- Man

    sucks to be him! /sarcasm

  • Eric Allison

    Well, at least you get to swing between buildings from strands of web ejected from your wrists.  ;)

  • Anonymous

    What mode is he shooting in? Doesn’t seem to touch either dials. Must also have a kinightmare with with reflections and light spots from the glass canopy.

  • Steven TSH

    Freaking awesome!! 

  • Jan

    @sfcooper:disqus  He’s shooting in flight-mode.

  • Drew Marold

    I’m most impressed by his ability to fly with his knees while shooting :D

  • António Trindade

    A good polarizing filter eliminates most os those reflections and light spots…

  • Per-BKWine

    Not so sure about that. Have you ever tried shooting from inside a bus? In that case a polarizing filter only makes it much worse.

  • Justin de Reuck

    Hi there
    I shoot in Av or Tv mode, depending on what I need to capture at that point. The video only shows about 8 minutes of a 40 minute sortie so yeah, you won’t see everything that’s happening on the camera. I’ll pick an aperture and work with it until my light changes, then I’ll either work on the exposure compensation or change my shutter speed or aperture to what I can work with at that stage of the flight.
    And nope…no polarizing filters, they don’t work in that scenario as the reflections in the canopy are coming from all directions, polarizers can’t handle that. I have to position the camera ship all the time to “remove” reflections that are between me and the subject aircraft. :)

  • Simon Cooper

    It must be a little like a rear-gunner in there. Great work, and really interesting video to see you work. I see you swapped lenses in there at one point, looks like from a short zoom, to maybe a wide angle. Is that typical?

  • Justin de Reuck

    Yeah thanks…it’s a little uncomfortable and because your so heavily strapped in you can’t turn your body, so your neck gets a bit of a crick!
    I changed from a 24-105mm to a 16-35mm. The formation is very close so in order to change my composition and get more of the background or surroundings into the shot I had to go wide. On most air to air shoots though I rarely use anything other than my 24-105mm.

  • Bill Loman

    Why do people ruin such cool videos with such lame music? The engines are music enough, the video doesnt need some distracting and stupid song playing over it. 

  • Lhflightdeck

    Awesome Justin ….. love the low level blast over the N1, was that “GoPro” filming everything ? Mark

  • Justin de Reuck

    Yes it was Mark :)

  • ranhoff

    I had to stop watching once creed started playing.

  • Dk

    The images are very sharp and nice. Should try shooting with a lomo camera, i am sure the results will be awesome.

  • Ravickanth

    won’t there be problem of the camera fixing the focus on the canopy rather than the flight, with the assumption that he is in auto focus

  • Spider- Man

    lol, nice

  • Chanes

    So Jealous =o I want to do that!
    [TOPGUN] Did you took a MIG in a reverse flight with a polaroid? Just wondering :/[/TOPGUN] :D

  • Anonymous


  • Kyoshi Becker

    I know an aerospace photog like this…  Only he dumped his canon kit for an Olympus e-3 for the size and usability in conditions like this…

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    Don’t forget your chin strap next time….