Fujifilm X-Pro1 Photos and Specs Leaked

The Nikon D4 wasn’t the only upcoming camera to have its photos and details leaked today: Fujifilm’s retro-styled system camera also got the same treatment. Réponses Photo (the French magazine that leaked the D4) has leaked an article about the Fujifilm X-Pro1 — previously believed to be called the X1 or LX10. A press release about the camera also appeared on Wells Fargo’s website (screenshot here). We now know that the camera will offer a custom 16MP CMOS sensor, use Fujifilm’s EXR processor technology, feature a second-generation hybrid viewfinder, and be launched with 3 fast prime lenses (18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4, and 60mm f/2.4).

Fujifilm is focusing on combining a solid and sleek retro design with advanced digital technology. The camera packs manual controls and will have metal lenses. For those of you who were hoping the camera would offer a Leica lens mount, sorry: it’ll feature Fujifilm’s proprietary X-mount.

Lets cross our fingers and hope that it’s affordable.

(via X100 Forum via Mirrorless Rumors)

Update: The article actually reveals the price of the camera to be €1300 with the 35mm lens included.

Thanks for the tip, Ryan!

  • Bob O’Shaughnessy

    Fast primes = want.

  • Zefanya Hanata

    The bottom-right pic is actually a black X100 limited edition.

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    Oh, you wrote it first… :)

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    Fuji looks like real alternative to Leica. I wonder if there would M-adapter focussing to infinity (if X1 is real, ofc).

  • Zefanya Hanata

    Yes, it will, since it has 17.7mm flange distance while leica M has 

  • GregPodolec

    Hoping to see this at CES next week!

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out :) We’ve removed that one.

  • Dominick Delli Paoli

    PLEASE let me get my hands on one of these at launch… god PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

    35mm 1.4 = 53mm Street photographer dream camera!! I want one right now!! I hope the wait isn’t very long.

  • Nate Burr

    “Lets cross our fingers and hope that it’s affordable.”

    BRB, LMAO.

  • Spider- Man

    where is the jizz in my pants gif at…

  • Anonymous

    Damm, can I return the NEX-7?

  • Through Painted Eyes

    Any chance of a translation of

  • agtprvctr

    That is NOT a Wells Fargo website.. I don’t get how every blog and news site has picked up this story based on that very shady looking site and nobody has questioned the legitimacy of that source site.

  • Michael Zhang

    How is it not? That’s Wells Fargo’s news wire

  • Blackwidow

    Is it a rangefinder or what?

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    And now they confirmed it! There will be official M-mount adapter.