Looking for a New Camera? Buy It In the First Quarter of The Year

If you’re in the market for a new digital camera this year, buying it in January or February might get you the best deal. Lifehacker has published a comprehensive list of when to buy things based on when you’re most likely to see low prices:

January: After the big trade shows like CES come around in mid-January, you’ll see that older model cameras drop in price to prepare for the newly-announced ones.

February: Since the newest cameras will have just come out post-CES, you can grab last year’s models for less.

The Best Time to Buy Anything in 2012 [Lifehacker]

Image credit: February Already!?! by ohdarling

  • Eric Allison

    This post is exactly what I needed to convince my wife that now is the time for that new 60D body. ;)  Crap. Hope she doesn’t see this comment.

  • Steven Alan Worster

    So why is it the best time as opposed to later on in the year?  Do they raise the prices back up after February?

  • Student

    Sorry, but BS. Have you checked the prices lately?