A Year-Long Journey Around the World Captured in Time-Lapse

Photographer Kien Lam quit his job last year and embarked on a 343 day backpacking journey around the world. He ended up traveling through 17 different countries and capturing 6237 photographs in the process. To share his incredible journey, he created this beautiful time-lapse video with short glimpses into various locations he visited. Each 2 second segment is made up of about 40-60 still photographs.

  • Misti

    Thank you @kien Lam. I must know, Did you start out knowing you do a time-lapsed video of your photos? I f you go again I want to join you. Nice Sharing!

  • Dave

    Check out this guys site. He has terrific stuff. Real photography. I really love the time lapse “waiting”

  • Mauricio Matos

    This is simply beautiful. My kind of timelapse, not the usual bullsh*t.

  • Andy Herbon


  • Chris Adams

    the movie is stirring, I can only imagine how wonderful the trip itself must have been.  Kudos for making it.

  • Kien Lam

    Thanks for the great compliments everyone and Petapixel for posting.