The Mind-Boggling Upside-Down World Beneath the Surface of a Frozen Lake

J. Mettälä took a camera under a frozen lake in Finland and captured this beautiful (and mind-bending) footage of his friends fishing in an upside-down world.

  • Anonymous

    Wheelbarrow, we hardly knew ye.

  • Chris

    I hope they didn’t dump the wheelbarrow down there in the lake!
    Aside this – great video, cool idea :)

  • Jeff Peterson

    Wow, that was a little bizarre…

  • jak

    dem! i wonder how long do they have to stand upsidedown! this is cool, though!

  • Sdad

    Without some explanation, I have no idea what I am looking at.  Why is everything upside down?  I can understand that a camera can be turned upside down but how can they be standing upside down under the ice?

  • Scuby Doo

    They have inflated their BCDs (vests) with air. This will make them float up to the ‘top’. This allows them to stand on the ice upside down. If there was no ice, they would surface. You can see when they breathe, the CO2 will float to the top (bottom) of the ice and it trapped. The wheel barrow is filled with CO2 expelled (poured in from the bucket). This makes it want to float too and hence will stick to the bottom of the ice until they dump it out, which will make it loose its buoyancy and sink to the bottom…

  • Sdad

    Thank you so much.  Very clear!  What a waste of time!

  • Kay Headley

    Sdad has no imagination….

  • Hippo Inspireone

    Awesome, Guys – sack Big Brother and watch this

  • Jacques Cousteau

    de gustibus non disputandum

    I think this is high art!  The lighting from the “surface” is reminiscent of the Tron movie from my youth.  The tip o’ the cap to the “fish that got away gets bigger in the retelling” at the end is good script writing.  Plus, I love the cameo from the “Amazing Everyday” rubber ducky.