Fujifilm Interchangeable Lens Camera to Be All Black and Offer Handgrip

This is the latest leaked photo of Fujifilm’s upcoming interchangeable lens camera, reportedly called either the X1 or LX10. The camera will probably be closer in size to the X100, though it will have an all black look that resembles the X10. There also appears to be some kind of handgrip on the camera, something that seemed likely after handgrip mounts were spotted in earlier leaked photos. We’ll probably see an official announcement sometime in the next month or two.

(via omuser via Photo Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    I have a good feeling this thing is going to be a street photographer dream come true!!! I can’t wait for this!!

  • Through Painted Eyes

    My exact thoughts. Oh man, am I looking forward to this. Maybe too much.

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    this and the nikon announcement have me checking the internets constantly!!

  • Mantis

    Amazing how Fuji was able to evolve enough to kick some major ass, while Kodak completely collapsed.

  • redboy

    in the next month or two? try next week – CES.