A Peek at the Guts of the Sony A77

Curious as to what Sony’s A77 pellicle mirror looks like on the inside? Here’s an interesting look at the camera broken down into its main components.

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if that was shot on a sony..

  • Ralph Hightower

    Looks like a very advanced camera.

    But when I heard APS sized sensor, that turned me off.

    I’ve been shooting film for 30 or so years and my wife wanted to buy me a digital camera; as I did research into camera models, I priced myself out of her price range. Oh well. As a concession, she added a used 28mm f2.8 to my Canon A-1.

  • Janez

    I would never buy such a shitty camera. No optical viewfinder. Translucent mirror. Really putting something in the front of the sensor? And why in the name of god is so important to have 12fps???? I have 6.5fps on my camera and never use them…