CameraTrace Emails You If Your Stolen Camera is Detected On The Internet

Looking for a lost camera on the web by searching for its serial number in uploaded photos is nothing new (see Stolen Camera Finder), but GadgetTrak’s new CameraTrace service takes it one step further. For a fee of $10 per camera, the service will actively monitor the Internet for your camera’s serial number. If it ever pops up in a photo uploaded to popular photo sharing services, you’ll get an email notification. Back in August, GadgetTrak’s manual Serial Search helped a photographer recover $9000 in stolen gear.

CameraTrace (via TechCrunch)

  • Anthony Burokas

    Nice. Thanks for the info.

  • Greg Danilowski

    Just tried my Canon 7D serial and nothing from the site’s free trace. However, Google found my photos on my Flickr account no problem just from the serial number. Sounds like a good service, but if Google searches EXIF data too for free…?

    Also, EXIF data can be removed so you’re banking on the person not knowing it’s stolen or this tracking method.

  • MI photographer

    I just did a Google search on my camera body number along with model type (D7000) and it returned just one of my many Flickr shots. I then Googled “serial number xxxxxxxx” and it returned a shot on Flickr with someone elses Nikon D90, but same serial number. Interesting.