Meet 8-Year-Old Qamar Hashim, Iraq’s Youngest Pro Photographer

Qamar Hashim is an eight-year-old boy who works as a professional photographer in Iraq. He’s a local celebrity, and has his photographs on display in exhibitions across Baghdad.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Ole Gunnar Onsøien

    This video is useless without some of his pictures!

  • Anonymous

    His images display the varied talent of a seasoned professional.  

    Oh, wait…  there weren’t any images shown from this wunderkind.

  • David Bernie

    This link shows some of his work in the video. Otherwise, doing a basic search I did not find much.

  • Rjsimpson916

    so when does one become a “photographer” i always thought it took years to become one? i suppose since he is employed he is deemed a “photographer” and has figured everything out …

  • Dave

    If you use a camera, you are a photographer. Just like if you drive a car, you are a ‘driver’, if you play golf you are a ‘golfer’ etc. If you are being paid and photography makes up X amount of your income, then you are a ‘professional photographer’. Whether this kid is being compensated for any published work, I don’t know, but he is certainly a photographer.

  • Leno Brookins


  • Anonymous

    too bad he shoots a sony 

  • Sdad

    …and you really don’t think this is staged propaganda?

  • Wow-man

    For what? 

  • kendon

    according to that video he is even a “certified professional photographer”. wonder how you get that certificate…

  • A2

    its in iraq, i think this is probably one of those examples where the subject of the photograph is more important than the equipment or skill in taking the pic.

    i.e. pix of important events taken with cell phones etc

  • Sdad

    the standing of his country in the view of the west

  • Rodrigo

    If he is professional, then he’s getting paid…so that’s against human rights to employ a child!! Someone call UNICEF!!!!

  • Nathan Caulford

    LOL! Rodrigo! But without pictures, there’s no proof that he’s working ! :D

  • Nathan Caulford

    Sounds like (positive) propaganda for the “New Iraq”

  • Nathan Caulford

    That’s the question of a thousand chat rooms… and a very vague line, very subjective, lot’s of biases, especially from “professional” photographers (in general).

    Calling one’s self a photographer, “professional” is commonly implied. Otherwise, one would more likely make the distinction, saying, “I’m a part-time photographer”, or “photographer on the side”, or “hobbyist,” or, “I like to take pictures,” etc.

    My opinion: if you’ve won awards from “accredited” associations, if you routinely sell your work, (i.e. you make your living with photography) you are a photographer (with the “professional” being implied).