How to Find and Work With Models

Here’s a crash course on how to work with models as a photographer. Photographer Mark Wallace discusses tips for before, during, and after the shoot, and also how to find a model for your project.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Scott Mains

    I’ve worked with a few photographers who have remained very quiet throughout a shoot. The models can become very uncomfortable. I’ve also worked with another photographer who is pretty much a dictator with a chip on their shoulder. This was a good video that outlines clearly what should be expected from a photographer. I may put a short video together in the very near future about assisting, and what is expected. 

  • Sdad

    Very, very interesting – told me a few things that would never have crossed my mind.  However, why the insistence on music?  It can only inhibit concentration and communication!

  • Ben Murray

    A little background music does wonders to keep people relaxed and feeling good

  • Sdad

    Like I said:
    it will inhibit concentration and communication!

  • guest

    nicely done with great info!