Dad Films 25 Years of Kids Coming Down Stairs on Christmas Morning

For 25 years, YouTube user spoonito‘s father would record footage of spoonito and his sister walking down the stairs on Christmas morning. The video above is a compilation of the videos that shows the passing of 25 years, and the coming and going of relatives and pets.

  • Justjulie

    That’s adorable!  Merry Christmas!

  • Wschuman

    What Great Family Memories!

  • Through Painted Eyes

    Merry Christmas :)

  • Xondra

    The Collie :'(

  • Happytown12

    The perfect Christmas memory. Nice job dad.

  • jaia

    so sweet! who’s the 3rd kid you picked up circa 2006? 

  • Hale

    I love that their parents adopted a new son in 2006. 

  • Guest


  • Taashaun

    lovvvve it