Olympus Working on a Mirrorless Camera with an ‘Epoch-Making’ Viewfinder

Olympus has something big up its sleeve. In an interview with Impressjapan, manager Mr. Ogawa revealed that the company is working on a new mirrorless camera that features an “epoch-making” viewfinder — presumably one that’s even more advanced than the hybrid viewfinder found on the Fujifilm X100. The upcoming viewfinder sounds like it’ll also be some kind of fusion between electronic and optical. There’s not much that’s know about the technology at the moment, but we should be hearing more about it very soon.

(via 43 Rumors via TechRadar)

Image credit: Viewfinder by Nils Geylen

  • Kragom

    I thought it was the sensor that would be epoch-making… which would be far more interesting anyway…

  • Mark 2000

    You got here before me. Make the eye piece as nice as you want. It’s still attached to a 4/3 size sensor.

  • Peter Neill

    All sounds like Olympus trying to distract from the current PR disaster they are experiencing.

  • New Camera

    Not only that, You can see more news here…

  • stanimir stoyanov

    What’s “epoch-making” supposed to mean?

  • Clint Bensinger

    Don’t necessarily think it has to do with a PR disaster, those things happen to a lot of companies.  They’ve been pretty invested in the future of the PEN series and the new viewfinder shows they’re listening to their customers. The 4/3 camera area is turning into the next big thing and with more and more camera companies releasing their own versions, this next PEN is probably about establishing a secure foothold in a rapidly growing area.  I do agree the sensor should be bigger, and the E-P3’s 3 fps speeds disappointed me as compared the the EPL3s 5 fps.