The Million Dollar Homepage of Photos

In August 2005, a UK student named Alex Tew launched a creative project called The Million Dollar Homepage. It was a simple webpage containing 1 million pixels that he sold to advertisers for $1 each. The idea quickly went viral, and Tew became a millionaire less than six months after launching it. The Most Expensive PicĀ­ture is a new photo website that may make its owners rich in a similar way. Anyone can upload a photograph to the website, but for a price: you’ll need to pay $1 more than the person before you. Each photo is featured for at least an hour before new submissions are accepted, and the first 300 submissions will be turned into a book (which all the submitters will receive).

The Most Expensive Picture (via Coudal Partners)

  • Georgian Constantin

    So basically anyone can upload, and because every submission is paid for, there’s no selection, quality-wise. That makes the quality of the book quite unpredictable. It looks like a nice spin on the original idea, which could indeed make them a lot of money, but I don’t think it will prove as effective. Let’s face it, not many will pay to get their picture featured (for a limited amount of time!) on some new website that doesn’t even have an “audience” yet. But who knows.. I hope they make it.

  • Productive Web Apps

    I think its a great idea. Good on them for trying it out! I wish I came up with something like this myself!

  • Andrew Ferguson

    Stupid, unoriginal, cheap, manipulative.

  • Clarksays

    And it’s going to take about 114 years to make $1million at $1 an hour!

  • Clarksays

    That’s wrong of course.

  • Vitaliy Piltser

    Not to take anything away from this idea/website.. but at the end, who really wins? If each person pays an additional $1 on top of what the previous amount was, I imagine that the sum of 1+2+3+4+5… +300 will feel pretty good in someone’s pocket =)

    (I’m sure someone can come up with the actual number, I don’t feel like finding the formula now haha)

  • Pumidol leelerdsakulvong


  • Through Painted Eyes

    My instinct was that it was a good idea, but looking at the photos this was my thought also. The quality of work is spotty and I don’t think it would be wise to feature your work along side some of the work shown there.

  • 9inchnail

    That’s just for the first 300 pics that will be printed. That’s 150 bucks per book. Printing will propably only cost 30 bucks, maybe less per book. PROFIT.
    Further more they encourage people to keep uploading even after the 300 is met. They’ll use those pics for other projects and make even more money in the process. All in theory of course. I can’t imagine someone paying hundreds of dollars to post their pic on this crappy site.

  • Io

    If it really goes viral, they can make good money. The “million dollar photo” will cost the uploader 1400$, and since a link can be included, it may not be a bad investment for promotion. Obviously if it goes viral and if people won’t stop when the pictures start getting expensive. In theory, if people keep posting pictures at one per hour, they reach the 1M mark in just 60 days.

  • Vitaliy Piltser

    I also imagine that any photographer that has $1400 to spend on a single photo upload doesn’t really need the additional traffic directed to their site from this project…

    But let me stop, don’t want to sound negative or judgmental about everything.

  • Anonymous

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