Being a Professional Photographer is Easier Than You Think!

A woman who calls herself “Missy” has launched a new channel on YouTube dedicated to tongue-in-cheek videos on how easy being a professional photographer is. It’s pretty funny how much bad advice she can give while staying in character and keeping a straight face. The informative first video above is on using the professional mode (“P”) on your camera to take advantage of your professional DSLR.

Family Posing That’s Real

The Importance of Accessories in Professional Photography

To Print or NOT to Print

Market Yourself

If you think about it, the videos are actually quite informative… just as long as you do the opposite of everything she teaches!

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Good stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dewd, you’re giving the game away. I’ve been trolling photographers for the last week with her videos.


  • Kevin

    Genius x2

  • Rafael

    I think it must be some kind of viral, I cannot believe she’s not an actress. She sounds too stupid to be real. I keep some faith on human being…just a bit :)

  • Josh Ladella

    lol this woman is incredible. Seriously.

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    These videos make me cringe… P for professional? I’ve worked at a camera store in the past and people would always come in saying they were told P for professional. Made me want to kick them out of the store.

  • Jmarcelita85

    “it takes the decision for you”…..ARE YOU F**ING KIDDING ME?…Im working hard to learn all the manual stuff and she just decide to put in P mode??? and that’s professional???? :( it’s too sad!

  • The Dude

    You have changed my life forever! bff!

    ps FB frinds request sent!

  • Sue LaPonsie

    you seriously would keep a bottle of water in with your camera!? You are a joke, read your manual and learn about what you are trying to teach!

  • Roy Warner

    Wow. I guess Mike didn’t outline it clearly enough that this is a joke series. Man, people are so thick.

  • Fiatluxphoto

    WOw.. there are so MANY who still haven’t caught on!?!?! Scary how dense peole are… ITS A JOKE

  • JAS

    The sad thing is how many people might stumble upon this, think it’s real and just wish they had that 7D because THAT would make them a pro.  It’s not your eye, how you compose a shot or how you control your exposure.  No no no.  It’s all in what camera you have because “P” for Photographer can do it all for you.

  • Casey Myers

    This has to be fake because no one is this stupid…right?

  • Guest

    Oh, you are more sexy – forget about being a professional photographer. Be a model – let someone else take that photo; you do the modelling. You will do well.

    Oh, BTW, you have great set of teeth.

  • Kevin

    You know what’s fun to do? Run all five videos at the same time. It’s like being at a Missy party after a Sam Puc seminar.

  • I Love Missy

    Missy – I am your fan. I am converted. I learned sooooooooooo much about being a professional and sooooooooooo much about photography. Hey, I did not know you can carry water in the camera bag. I will have to remember that. And, oh… oh…. oh….. almost forgot: How can I look like you? You are way yyyy yyyyy cool. Your parents, your husband, your sisters, your brothers and millions of others who watched this Youtube are proud of you.

    YOU GO GIRL……………. YOU ROCK. You are a rock star.

  • Seshan

    I saw these the other day, after watching 2 of them I realized that there is no way that they could be real. Pretty sure it’s a joke.

  • Seshan

    I also find it funny that people think they are trolling her, but really, she is the one trolling them.

  • Chris Blizzard

    I get that it’s a joke. But I stumbled across the first one a few days ago, and without the context of the series, it’s not obvious that it’s a big wind up.

    So I take issue with this, because it should be more obvious. Otherwise it’s only going to make things worse, encouraging people to do exactly what she’s saying, not realising it’s a joke…

  • ferminrf

    :O… I´ve no words…
    P is Photographer!… well here in Spain not.. “Fotógrafo” have no “P”.. :P

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  • Cubo Superschnitzelkönig

    I want to kill her so badly

  • Cubo Superschnitzelkönig
  • Nate Benson

    Been watching these for a week or so and sharing them with folks. This just can’t be real. It just can’t be. I feel like its the new ‘you suck at photoshop’. It has to be a bunch of photographers, or like someone else said a viral campaign, poking fun at all the stigma’s about photography to let out some steam. 

    It just can’t be legit. But it’s absolutely hilarious either way. 

  • John_Brandner

    Everybody who doesnt get that THIS IS SATIRE should just go in a corner and be ashamed of themself.

  • Ashhar

    and lip gloss too! :P

  • btezra

    so…it’s fun to mock a profession (photography) now?  

  • bob

    Are you serious?  Or are you dumb enough to believe this is real?

  • Damon Hair

    bwaha hahahaha haa! it’s only funny because it’s true!

  • Damon Hair

    btezra – momtography is not a profession.

  • BillH

    Loosen up…we’ve been mocking lawyers for years. Oh, wait a minute, we’re talking real professionals here, aren’t we?

  • BillH

    Oh, what a great spoof! Good job! F/stops and…um…um…shutter speeds? How ditsy can you get?  She IS a good actress.

  • Casey

    some people are just idiots and can’t detect sarcasm even when it’s this thick

  • Smith85

    The funniest part about these videos is that her husband is a photographer that is not good.  Like, bad HDR people, out-of-focus photos bad.

  • Wander


  • Cochese

    I’d like to take this serious as at least humor; however, her overly emotive facial expressions are too much.

  • Sunny16

    How long ago was your humor bypass?

  • Sunny16

    Hmmm…not absolutely sure *no one* is…

  • Sunny16

    Sure they might. Just like buying a $200 tennis racquet would make them play like Roger Federer…..right?

  • Sunny16

    Your response makes me cringe.

  • Kay Hartkamp

    I love her, she’s funny.

  • Yolinda Vixen

    Omg, is she for real!? 

  • David Kelly

    This makes me a shamed to call myself a photographer, I work to hard for this kinda shit.

  • Damon Hair

    link does not exist now…

  • Anonymous

    Is she Mrs. Rockwell? Damn, she’s even better!

  • Dan1919

    people as arrogant as you who ‘cringe’ at other people who are not familiar with aspects of photography make me cringe. i stopped going to photograph shops because i would encounter people like you. i shop online and learn online because i got tired of bullying of the so called ‘know it all’ photographer salesmen who looks down at everybody who asks amateur question about cameras. i mean in an age of fierce competition on line you have the nerve to treat newbees to photography disrespectfully.

  • Jsmith

    It’s all a joke – any professional photographer would know that!!!

  • asdfghj

    im laughing my fuckn ass off.

  • ak1m0t0

    AWESOME i can be a professional now!!! LOL to that bitches!

  • SD

    Right after you become a professional photographer I’ll post some videos to help you become a real estate mogul by buying cheap crappy houses and selling them with your unrefined carpentry skills to your friends. All you need is a hammer from you local department store.

    Wow I can’t believe this lady is delusional enough to post these.