Facebook Flaw Allows Access to Private Photos, Including Zuckerberg’s

A recently discovered flaw in Facebook’s abuse reporting tool allowed anyone to access private photographs of other users, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Until it was fixed today, the reporting tool allowed anyone who reported a public photograph’s owner to also peruse that user’s images, both public and private. After members of a bodybuilding forum discovered the security hole, they proceeded to target Zuckerberg’s account and publish a number of his private photographs online. This comes a week after the FTC slapped Facebook’s wrist over deceptive privacy practices.

(via Wired via The Click)

  • Nathaniel


  • Anonymous

    I hope he didn’t make deep-fried chunks out of that gorgeous Rhode Island Red.

  • Thomas

    Oh my god, he’s a chicken killer…

  • Chris

    is it me or does he have someone following him to take pictures

  • Drew Garraway

    He looks like an aspiring and friendly home chef in these damning personal photos! WHAT A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    is it me or do these photos look weird. i just cant call it. sort of over posed and stiff. im just saying.

  • Anonymous

    So it sucks there was a security flaw and all, but I kinda like him better in these photographs. Definitely looks more personable than the Mark on the cover of TIme. 

  • guest

    is that wendy wu?

  • jlambs

    Why is it always the body building forums that find things like this???