A Night-Vision Lens Used by US Military Photographers

Think your lens is good in low-light conditions? Check out this Nikon D700 with a Nightstalker II night-vision system attached — standard issue for the Navy’s Combat Camera unit. PopPhoto has published an interesting article that offers a glimpse into what life is like as a US military photographer. You an also see an example photo shot with the above lens here.

Life as a US Military Photographer (via Nikon Rumors)

  • Spider- Man

    ISO 6 billion! 

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Extremely interesting – have always wondered what they have. If they’re releasing this publicly it makes you wonder what they have under wraps now no?

  • Bookie

    Sadly, a Pro Canon or Nikon could produce better results with a 1.4 lens and when captured in RAW would give the photographer far more options and at the same time could produce the exact same images. Creativity is not dead and I commend the photographer for their efforts and commitment but with the amazing new low light digital technology on current pro cameras with minimal effort a seasoned pro could mimic these results.

  • Article19

    really? at 1.4 even on a massive iso you would never get the shutter speed to get a good shot with zero light. The shots are not meant to be pretty they’re meant to be useful and evidently you have no idea what you’re talking about

  • will hall

    A bit smaller, wiki lists the light amplification of these things up to the region of 50,000x. Combined with the 25,600 iso of the D700 gives something in the region of 1.28 Billion equivalent iso. This isnt completely useful without knowing the effective aperture, though given the application id expect apertures to be in a region similar to fast primes

  • Curve

    not so good for stealth missions, PAK PAK PAK PAK! shutter clicks*

  • lloyd

    This is totally what the police think all photographers carry

  • Lyndsy Simon

    I’m more excited about the concept of a Picatinny rail on a Nikon lens.  That’s… badass.

  • Zak Henry

    Needs to be on the bottom, so you can mount a foregrip

  • maculae

    With X-ray and infinite zoom capabilities to boot.

  • Jand

    It’s actually for IR filtered flashlights with picatinny mounts. In absolute dark, an IR lightsource does wonders for those times in which the Gen3 NV amplifier isn’t enough. 

  • Anonymous

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  • James

    I thought the same thing myself, I mean honestly that level of noise is ridiculous.