Add a Clip to Lens Caps to Make Them Easier to Hold On To

Have a habit of losing your lens caps? Add a clip to them to keep them attached to your camera strap when not in use! All you need are a lapel clip — the kind found on old wired cellphone headsets work great — and some strong mounting tape. It’s basically a DIY version of the Nice Clip, which we featured back in October.

(via Sean Michael Ragan via Make)

Image credits: Photographs by Sean Michael Ragan

  • Rui

    I usually just put my lens cap in the back pocket of my pants.

  • Jon James

    me too,back pocket habit here

  • Mikeanddon

    Us Ladies don’t have back pockets. Great idea, only use hot glue.

  • guest

    Now if only I could find my lens caps….really, it’s that bad. ¬†Great idea.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. I haven’t used lens-caps for years. I just have a filter on the front for protection. I learnt this from my press photography days. The last thing I’d want is to raise the camera to my eye, ready to capture an image only to realise that the cap was still on.

  • Osmosisstudios

    Natural OCD has only been reinforced by being a photographer: Lens cap always goes in front or rear left pocket.

  • Ted Bautista

    personally, i use velcro

  • Peter Denham


  • Dnguyen

    Tacky! Back pocket solution!

  • Donandmike

    Purse, bra…

  • cleverblue

    that’s awesome! I usually use my back pocket or stick it in my bra. Though, that’s not very classy when shooting a wedding >.< So, this is a great idea!