Turn a VHS Case into a Picture Frame with a Hidden Storage Compartment

Always looking to upcycle her old things, entrepreneur Heidi Lehto came up with the idea of turning VHS cassette cases into 3D picture frames that have a secret storage compartment. She drilled the case into the wall using a couple of screws, and uses it as an easy-to-access business card holder.

Pakkomielle [Divaan]

  • andrewUK

    That is really poor

  • Dmitri

    This does not look good.

  • John

    Michael, I’m glad you saw your title typo ;)

    showed up in my rss before you corrected
    (yes i know you know better – just giving you a hard time)

  • Jessica

    I think it’s a wonderful idea – money saving and unique too. I would have painted the case a different colour though.

  • Root

    Good place to keep your stash.

  • James Miller

    If ever I feel the need to store a few business cards in a old VHS case stuck to the wall, I’ll give it a go. Because thats just where I like to put my card in a picture frame, then on the floor when I have to pick them up after the case springs open whilst trying to carefully pry the edge open.

  • Dnguyen


  • Allan

    I think it’s a great idea… but instead of using it as a biz card holder, I’d put other pictures in it related to the one on display. Now it’s not just a photo in a frame but an “album” in a frame.

    Yeah I think I just made this idea better :)

  • Anonymous

    I thought you meant the typo about “using a couple screws” in stead of “using a couple of screws”   :o)

  • Michael Zhang


  • Sheilarowland

    Recycling is the name of the game Dnguyen. We should be doing lots more of it. This stuff is hard to paint effectively. Put a [iece of co;oured backing paper cut to size. Much more effective