Is This the End of Olympus Cameras?

Olympus has been in the photography game since introducing its first camera back in 1936, but its future as a major player is at risk now that the company is caught up in one of the largest corporate scandals Japan has ever seen. According to Reuters, the company is reviewing its business structure, and there is speculation that it may be forced to sell off assets to survive.

While the company may be best known for its cameras, its actually built around a $2.6 billion endoscope business, of which it virtually holds a worldwide monopoly. Its camera business, on the other hand, is operating at a loss. According to investment bankers, other camera manufacturers are following the Olympus saga closely, but will likely hold off on making a move until things clear up more.

Olympus to review business structure amid scandal (via 43 Rumors)

Image credit: Olympus OM-30 SLR camera (OM-F) by csaveanu

  • Anonymous

    To be perfectly honest, Olympus best camera was the OM1 and after that they didn’t know how to keep up with the big two. So, yes, most of their financial problems comes from the early 1990s. It is a pity as their latest cameras were getting better.

  • Dave

    I was thinking the same thing. I have owned Nikons my whole life but always wanted an OM-1 after holding and using one once. Small, light, quiet, and beautiful. A classic camera if there ever was one.

  • Cochese

    Ditto. I love the OM-1. I’ve got two, though since getting a 5D II and a T2i, I’ve had not need to use it. If I’m going to use film, that’s the camera, always.

  • 47faial

    Bought my first OM-1 in 1975 and continued until Kodak announced they were discontinuing Kodachrome.
    I have a box full (at least 10) OM-1 bodies and run a roll of B/W through them every so often.
    I think the new PENS are great. Perhaps too little too late.