Lighting Diagram: Another Free Lighting Diagram Web App

Just launched this week, Lighting Diagram is another simple web-based tool that lets photographers create and share lighting diagrams and the photos created with the setups.

Lighting Diagram (via PhotographyBLOG)

  • Adam Perry

    The publishing feature is actually really useful! 
    You can save your diagrams to use again later, or just share them so others can use them as a starting point.
    Defo worth checking out.

  • Phil

    Saving as a jpg to the local machine doesn’t work correctly. The only object on the saved picture is the backdrop.

  • Adam Perry

    I think it was a temporary bug that they have fixed now.

  • Anonymous

    $10 per diagram is quite expensive especially considering it’s very rough around the edges. The background is layered on top and covers up anything else in the output. The work area is too small and items do not rotate near the edge except the the 2m diffuser which goes off the sides but can’t be put at the back of the shot. The user interface is atrocious. Cute idea though. It would be nice if it allowed tilting of the modifiers. Another possible feature would be to put a ‘nose’ on the subjects so that their heads could be positioned.

  • Adam Perry

    You do realise its only $10 for commercial hi-res 300dpi copies, you can export normal for free. I don’t know any other site that sells hi-res versions for printing…
    And you can order the layers and set the background to the back…

    I think it all works really well.

  • Dan

    I like it! I think the UI is very good, its just easy to use and the quality of the illustrations is better than anything else I’ve seen. Bookmarked it for future use.

  • Anonymous

    I gave you a gift of a 5 minute beta testing. Don’t get defensive, fix the bugs or perish at the hands of your own ego. Yes, you can put the backdrop behind the other objects, but when it outputs, it puts it in the foreground.

  • Adam Perry

    i don’t have anything to do with it…
    i just trying to help out if you didn’t realise you can export for free or order layers.