Fujifilm XS-1 Official: A Bridge Camera with Massive 26x Zoom

Fujifilm officially unveiled the XS-1 today after details and photos of the camera first appeared last month. Unlike the X100 and X10, the XS-1 isn’t a rangefinger-esque mirrorless camera but is instead a beastly bridge camera. The camera packs the same 12-megapixel 2/3-inch sensor as the X10, and features a 26x zoom lens that’s the 35mm equivalent of a 24-624mm lens. As if that range wasn’t enough, they also decided to include a macro mode that allows the camera to focus from just 1cm away.

Here’s a short promo video showing off the camera:

You can find out more about the camera here.

It’ll be available starting in February 2012 for £699 in the UK, which is roughly $1,100.

  • Mike Heller

    Wow, impressive zoom range.  Remains to be seen what kind of quality this gets, especially at the extreme ends of the zoom range.

  • Ranger 9

    So, is that a bridge camera, or is it just really glad to see us?

  • Dennis Marciniak

    I was thinking the exact same thing. At $1100 it should be pretty decent.. but I’m sure you’ll be able to replicate the look for much cheaper. This falls under one of those “all in one/super convenient for a high price” cameras.

  • Steve

    $1200US seems awfully high for a non-interchangeable lens camera that is only on the high end of a small sensor. Plus at 24x, the image will suffer in quality, regardless of how small or big the sensor is, through sheer optics. 

  • Gondwana

    The real heritage of the S100 – but still no optical image stabilisation? (Do they plan to go with the high-ISO bulls..t of stabilising again??)

  • Janez

    as we need another crappy camera…

  • Raphael Puttini

    Another camera parents will buy thinking they can shoot indoor sports “the same way the pros do”; parents will complain at the shop a week later because the photos in low light are crappy and the camera is too slow. Camera shop will refund, client buys 60D or D7000 with 18-270. Wash, rinse 3 times until client and clerk go to a mental clinic.

    *personal experience of someone who sold too many cameras like this for 9 years…

  • Junk

    Looks like a fuji HS20 with a smaller sensor…

  • Steven Blackwood

    I believe it has lens shift IS.

  • Steven Blackwood

    The XS-1 has a 2/3 sensor. The HS20 has a 1/2 sensor.

  • Benallen

    2/3 of an inch is very small!    I hope this isn’t a trend to get the sensor size smaller.    The smaller the sensor= the ‘long zoom’.. Oh WOW! we got a BIG ZOOM.. That must mean we got a good camera.. 

    Uh no…..  The smaller the sensor= the less options one has.

  • Ali

    The d7000 is pretty amazing in low light.

  • Steven Blackwood

    It may be accurate in low-light as you say but it isn’t “amazingly” fast. It’s just “pretty good”.

  • Steven Blackwood

    For its zoom range, this is a very large sensor. What is problematic is that the larger the zoom ratio, the less decent IQ you will have. The zooms on these compacts are getting ridiculous. 

  • Shixiang8357

    i’m plan to bough it!