Occupy UC Davis Photos by the School Newspaper’s Photo Editor

Jasna Hodzic, the photo editor of the student run newspaper at UC Davis, has been covering the Occupy UC Davis movement since its inception — before the pepper spraying incident became international news.

Her photos are an interesting look at the movement even before the world’s eyes turned on it. Also, did you know that PetaPixel is based in Davis?

Occupy UC Davis [Jasna Hodzic Photography]

Image credits: Photographs by Jasna Hodzic and used with permission

  • Hi_J.

    damn…looks painful. 

  • lloyd

    peaceful protest misses the point of PROTEST!

    people who say you should protest in piece just don’t want you kicking off because then they’ll have to do something about an issue!

    fight for your rights. don’t bend over

  • Anonymous

    Protest is not a synonym for violence. Name one violent protest that has has been successful. 

    The viewpoint you are holding often undermines potentially effective protests.

  • Toxik

    Why are the cops using paintball guns..?

  • wohoo

    The American Revolution, for one.  More recently Libya and Egypt.  

    I’m not saying that Occupy should resort to violence (they shouldnt) but simply that you are not correct.  :)

  • Anonymous

    The American Revolution was a war. A bunch of kids lighting cars on fire is much different than English subjects seceding from the crown.

    And Libya and Egypt were civil wars. Don’t talk about things you don’t know about.

  • lloyd

    you are them people we need to fight against

  • Bdobuleu

    Go Aggies!

  • Eric

    They are probably shooting pepper balls –

  • A.J.

    The beginning of the end of Reaganomics is finally upon us.

    This Thanksgiving, i’m thankful for that.

  • No chemistry
  • wohoo

    Both Libya and Egypt started with protests then they went violent.  

    The American Revolution is more debatable, but I would argue that a Revolution is a form of “protest” 

    You shouldn’t about things you don’t know about.  :)

  • Killermotion

    Protesters…..WTF. Bunch of overprivilaged kids. They just figured out that they may actually have to work for a living.

  • Anonymous

    May piece be with you too.

  • Harley130

    Pepper spraying was done by a Lard Ass Desk Jockey, “Pepper Pike” is the Manager of the Records Unit.  He was showing the troops his “Street Creeds” by hosing down those nasty militant protesters.  He will be forever known as “Pepper Pike”, I only hope he is fired with loss of any pension rights, barred forever from being a sworn officer and not even allowed to work as night watchman at a hog slaughter house.  Then we’d get to see him march and protest when his unemployment ran out.

  • James

    Pepper spraying, thats just stupid behaviour :(

  • Anonymous

    Megyn Kelly on Pepper Spray: It’s a food product, essentially!’Megyn Kelly on mustard gas: “It’s a hot dog condiment, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on nuclear weapons: “It’s a microwave dinner, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on sound weapons: “It’s a boom box, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on Molotov cocktails: “It’s a flirtini, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on police dogs: “It’s a family pet, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on Homelessness: “It’s urban camping, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on tasers: “It’s static cling, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on rubber bullets: “It’s a pencil eraser, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on flash grenades: “It’s Fourth of July , essentially!”Megyn Kelly on sleep deprivation: “It’s a big cup coffee, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on stress positions: “It’s like yoga, essentially!”Megyn Kelly on fox “it’s like really bad at doing the news, essentially”

  • Carl Burdick

    the paint balls are filled with pepper spray and CS gas.