The World’s Smallest Wet Plate Camera

Kevin Klein has a hobby of miniaturizing Victorian technology, and recently he made the world’s smallest wet plate camera using 1/32-inch plywood and other wood materials. The camera is only a little bigger than a quarter, and shoots miniature 1/2-inch square plate images.

Here’s a photograph Kleindorf made using the camera:

(via Wet Plate Collodion Forum)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Jim!

Image credits: Photographs by Kevin Klein and used with permission

  • Pedro

    whant to buy it

  • Flgraphics

    that is damn cool

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    what is this?!?! a camera for ants? It needs to be at least…. three times bigger!!

  • Ntl

    Useless comparison for people who do not know US currency!  (The vast majority of the world!)

  • Boris

    Just like a 50 Euro-Cent coin :)
    24mm in Diameter

  • R Peter

    What lens ? From a mobile phone ?

  • Anonymous

    Errr… do you know about pinholes?!?!

  • ladro

    what is the point?