First Photos of the Nikon D800 Leaked

The Nikon D800 has been rumored for quite some time, but was reportedly delayed last month after production was halted by the massive floods in Thailand. If you’ve been frustrated with the lack of Nikon news on the DSLR front, here’s something that should tide you over temporarily: photos of the upcoming Nikon D800 were leaked this past weekend.

In addition to the images, Nikon Rumors has confirmed some of the camera’s main specs: the camera is smaller and lighter than the D700, shoots 36MP photos, has dual CF+SD card slots, boasts a slightly larger LCD screen, shoots excellent video (1080p), and has the same AF as the D700.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • AR3

    I don’t think Nikon has been informed yet, but the “megapixel war” is kind of over…. 36MP seems a bit excessive considering that they all had to be crammed on a FF sensor.

  • Cochese

    Looks kind of boring. And it seems odd that it would be displayed with a battery grip attached.

  • Nn-r

    I agree, it seems a bit excessive, but lets wait for the thing to come out. Who knows how well it will perform! We might be amazed, i sure hope so!

  • Nicholas Butler

    But is it Full Frame, like the D700?

  • Aydensgrace

    yes it is

  • DanClarkePro

    Can someone explain why the “Nikon” and “D800″ are blacked out on the first image?

  • will hall

    That’s the nth time ive seen such a comment. It is the same pixel density as a 16MP APS-C sensor (heard no complaints about the D7000). Going the other way it’s only fractionally more dense than the 80MP sensor from phase one which i’ve similarly heard no complaints about.

  • 8fps

    Only thirteen knops and two wheels?

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    These aren’t official pictures released by nikon so its not odd that it has the grip mounted… if anything, its odd for spy shots to be of such good quality.

  • Janez

    it looks rather small

  • bob cooley


  • Wall Hill

    Going from 12mp to 36mp does seem a bit much. That’ll skip over the
    Nikon D3X’s 24.5mp. So is Nikon going to follow Canon’s lead by killing
    off the D3X and D3 and merging them into one body called the D3X?
    Wait… LOL! Something other than the D3X, I mean. It’ll be hard to imaging what the next Nikon flagship will be? D4 anyone?

  • rj

    im not gona believe it until nikon announces this, this could be easily faked

  • Altugo

    I think it’s a bad Photoshop collage with some parts of D700 and D7000. It’s fake :-)

  • John R

    I think you are correct.  Large colour difference between the body and grip, also depth of field is very suspect, varies across image.

    36 meg is fine though, use RGB splitting so still effective 12meg, or maybe combining pixels for increased sensitivity, 18meg, or 36meg for when you are on a tripod, indoors, with the windows shut, resting on a concrete floor, at f8.

  • Anonymous

    The grip is obviously photoshopped on, the text on the button is way less clear than on the camera. And they should have no other reason to black out all the signifiers that it’s actually a d700/7000 etc and such. 

  • ak1m0t0

    it be pretty awesome if Nikon makes it a D7000-sized full frame camera. just imagine the convenience! :o