Star Wars-Themed Engagement Photos

Now here’s something we haven’t seen before: a Star Wars-themed engagement shoot. All you need are two working lightsabers and a couple crazy enough about the franchise to do it. These photos were shot by San Jose-based photographer Michael James.

James tells us,

The couple approached me about their engagement shoot, wanting something a little more traditional (suit, tie, dress, etc.) on the beach, but as we talked, we figured out that while I’m more of a Trekkie, their love of all things Star Wars totally surpassed my love of Star Trek. So we incorporated their ideas into the shoot. I didn’t think the bride-to-be would actually wear the make-up, but she seriously showed her true colors and went for it. In fact, they were late because she didn’t know if she could go outside of her house with the make-up on, but I’m glad she did. It totally made the pictures.

The shoot was shot in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mountain bikers and hikers passed us and everyone thought it was great.

You can find more of the photos from the session on James’ blog.

Star Wars Engagement Shoot [Michael James Photography]

Image credits: Photographs by Michael James and used with permission

  • Robby Cornish


  • Dean Lawrence

    Next you’ll be shooting a Lord of the Rings theme. Nice work! 

  • Dean Lawrence

    Next you’ll be shooting a Lord of the Rings theme. Nice work! 

  • Jenna MacWhirter

    “showed her true colors”

    So she’s actually gone over to the Dark Side?! :P
    LOVE IT! Wish we’d thought of it!

  • Dana Weise

    You’re calling them nerds and you’re visiting this site? 

  • Dana Weise

    This is pretty cool. 

    Considering I do enjoy cosplay photography this looks like they had a lot of fun. That’s all that matters. And seriously; ;) who are we geeks and nerds to make fun of other geeks and nerds? Pretty sad if you do. They had fun and that’s all that counts. Its their wedding engagement shoot.

  • Kalavinka

    This is great! When I worked in Santa Cruz, I always felt like an ewok was gonna come out from behind a redwood tree.

  • Guest

    Wonder what they’re going to name their kids..

  • Guest

    I think a while ago, petapixel featured a guy who photoshopped ewoks into pictures from his family’s trip to Yosemite for his 5-year-old daughter :D

  • Hannah Na

    This is so awesome. Love how carefree, fun & original this is! 

  • Retor

    I think I would prefer people to be able to recognise my fiancee in our engagement photos.

  • Captain Pasty

    Why the face paint? If she’s trying to emulate Darth Maul it still doesn’t make sense, because Maul is red all over (his species is Zabrak), and the black is Sith tattoo. 

  • jaroos

    Don’t give me ideas, my fiance will kill me for asking :P

  • It’s a Trap!

    Dear photographer who posted these photos online in order to promote your business: All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

    Signed, Disney.
    (The owners of all things Star Wars related)

    I hope this photographer lawyers up…

  • Luis Socorro

    Not nerds at all, actually a Nerd would know that a Jedi can feel the presence of a Sith from a distance and none of them would turn on the lightsaber without the enemy present.

  • Snow Shine

    Nothing new. They do this in Asia all the time.

  • Snow Shine

    Already being done in Asia. In fact, they have wedding comp. where you can pick and choose the theme.