Thumbtiles Are Frameless Picture Frames Designed for Fast Swapping

Dissatisfied with the disconnect between his giant photo collection on the Internet and his bare walls at home, architect and photo-enthusiast Steven Johnson set out to create a picture frame that would let him show off his photostream in real life. The result was Thumbtiles — frameless frames designed for easy photo swapping rather than permanence. The 7-inch square frames are dead simple: each one is simply four removable wall dots and a transparent sheet that attaches to the dots using magnets.

Check out this video to get a sense of how they work:

Johnson is currently trying to raise funds for the project on Kickstarter. A $40 contribution will land you a 4-pack of tiles. They’re made for iPhone photos, but we think the design would be great for other standard sizes as well.

Thumbtiles (via iPhoneography)

  • Anthony Burokas

    Interesting concept, but what would REALLY rock is the same size frame (or frameless frame) that tied in to the online stream automatically- and had good enough resolution (not 600×400 or less) to be looked at as an actual photo.

  • Josh Zytkiewicz

    I like the idea but 7″x7″ is such a weird size.

    5″x5″ or 8″x8″ would be much easier to print for without wasting so much paper.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    I am more interested in what he used to stick those feets on the concrete wall

  • thumbtiles

    7″ turned out to be the best fit for the idea. Bigger felt too permanent. Smaller felt too small. The Hipstamatic folks offer an excellent printing service if you need one: