Another Series of “Back to the Future” Photos by Irina Werning

After her “Back to the Future” project went viral last year, photographer Irina Werning is back with a second set of time-bending photographs. Like in the first set, Werning finds decades-old photographs and recreates them as accurately as she can with the original subjects.

Earlier this year we also featured an interview Werning did with NPR in which she talks about her work.

Back to the Future 2 [Irina Werning]

  • Gary Simmons

    These are spectacular.  What a great concept.

  • Eric Allison

    Especially love the Berlin Wall photo.  These are awesome.

  • Guy

    I laughed so much for the Berlin Wall one, it hurt.

  • Dave

    The Youngme Nowme website has been doing this for ages:

  • Bibi

    Yes Dave, Irina probably got inspired by Zefrank as she subtly suggests, mentioning the same website on her first “Back to the Future” ‘s page. But I’m sure you can clearly see the difference between the pictures from her and Zefrenk’s pages