How to Light, Shoot, and Stitch a Photo of a Home Interior

Here’s a video in which interior photographer Roger Brooks walks through how he goes about lighting, photographing, and stitching residential interior photographs.

  • will hall

    If you want to stitch photos together, Photoshop does OK but there are far easier and better tools such as PTGui or Autopano

  • Shark

    you spelled his name wrong in the article. :)

  • kendon

    why are there no parallax errors? is he using a nodal point adapter (which it doesn’t look like in the video, also he doesn’t mention it)?

  • Guest

    instead of changing the opacity to 70 % to align the two layers, change the blending mode of one to difference, much easier.

  • Guest2

    @kendon: he’s using a Canon TSE-24mm and so is shifting the lens

  • Sofa0ne

    Nice video and well done.  I would add that the way he fills in the layer mask can be done in one simple step.  Simply hold down Alt key (Option Key on Mac) + click on the layer mask icon and this will replace having to fill the layer mask in.  

  • Sofa0ne

    Those both are certainly very good programs, and Adobe’s Photomerge tool that comes with Photoshop is also very powerful automated tool.  He does mentions in the video not wanting to use an automated process for more control I wonder if he realizes that photomerge can leave the same layer masks open and be tweaked further saving time and effort.

  • kendon

    if he doesn’t compensate for that with a macro rail or something similar that would introduce parallax errors as well…

  • Hdshowings

    he is definately NOT centered above the entrance pupil (nodal point)  Im surprised the couch didnt give him issues…

  • Hdshowings

    duh, the lens is moving on its nodal point not the camera…

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks :)

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