Play Around with Macro Photography Using a Magnifying Glass

You don’t need to shell out money for a nicer camera or a special lens to play around with macro photography. In addition to freelensing and using your lens backward, you can also place an ordinary magnifying glass in front of your lens to enlarge the world. Graphic designer Clif Dickens shot these close-up photos using a magnifying glass and an iPhone 3GS.

iPhone Macro Photography [Clif Dickens]

Image credits: Photographs by Clif Dickens and used with permission

  • Dmitri

    This is a great idea. I would imagine this could work amazing with lomo cameras and mobile photography.

  • Herr Olsen

    Freelensing has nothing to do with turning your lens around.

  • rekanize

    Taking the lens out of a cheap laser pointer is a great phone macro lens… I just tape it over the lens using a little clear packing tape (doesn’t affect the image) just take care not to scratch your phone lens by sandwiching dirt/grit in between.

  • Michael Zhang

    Right, thanks for pointing that out. Separated that into two separate things

  • Steven

    You can do the same with a telescope and an iPhone:

    I hadn’t thought of trying it with a magnifying glass.  

  • Anonymous

    If you use a Canon Vixia camcorder, set it  the zoom to the widest angle and you can almost touch the item with the lens and it can still be able to focus on the item.  I have similar shots like that, as well as some where I can count the fibers in fabric.

  • Anonymous

    Superb article mate but how do get your rss feed? Please sending us an e-mail with instructions? Ta

  • Derpthur

    Hurrdur you can use  a MAGNIFYING GLASS to… MAGNIFY things? ZOMG the man’s a GENIUS!!!! Why has no one thought of this obscure use for a magnifying glass before?! they’re PERFECT for making small things appear bigger! AMAZING!!!


  • clifwith1f


  • Canvai

    I like using a swing arm lamp with magnifying glass, plus, it comes with a light source!

  • Aerd757

    AWSOME!!! This beats buying a $500+ lens … derpthur stop being such a troll

  • Sasha

    Wow… people actually didn’t know about this?
    Gee, and you call yourselves photographers?

  • Wolfman2049

    people can be photographers and not know anything about  it as far as i’m concerned…  even “professionals” don’t know absolutely everything there is to know about it  when you really think about it…  things change all the time… different people have different ways of thinking and looking at things…  so in my opinion it is unfair to say someone isn’t a photographer  just because they didn’t know something like that…

  • dslrvideostudio

    Sometimes the simplest ideas and can give amazing results.