Idea Mine: An App for People Suffering From Photographer’s Block

“Idea Mine” is an upcoming iOS app by Canon that helps photographers save and generate ideas. The idea is that photo ideas can always be broken down into four components: location, subject, feeling, and technique. Provide the app with these four things, and it will store your idea for you to come back to later on. If you need some inspiration, hitting the “randomize” button will fill in the fields for you — kinda like a photographic mad libs.

Here’s a quick video showing the app in action:

The app is free, and will be launching “in time for the holidays.”

(via Pixiq)

  • Drumz0rz

    No Android Version?

  • Tyler Olson

    Is this idea new?  I have seen a few other apps that do exactly the same thing.. granted Canon’s version certainly has the UI tight and crisp.

  • Zach Rathore

    It might just be me, but if I don’t have any inspiration to take a photo, I just don’t take a photo.

    I don’t understand the compulsion that you must take many photos all the time.

    If you are tired, then sleep. If you are hungry, eat something. If you are inspired to take a photo – do it. If not, don’t. It will come back eventually.

  • Stephan Zielinski

    “Location, subject, feeling, and technique”, eh?  Miss Scarlet in the library with a candlestick: “Ow.”

  • Pilot371

    Hoping Andriod version as well

  • Matt Perko

    Professional photographers need to be shooting constantly to hone their technique and vision.  Staying inspired and coming up with fresh ideas is paramount.

  • Pourio Lee

    I can’t find the app and I’m assuming it hasn’t been launched yet.