Gursky World: A Portrait of Photographer Andreas Gursky

German photographer Andreas Gursky is one of the most successful artists of our time, and yesterday a print of his titled “Rhein II” became the world’s most expensive photograph, selling for $4.3 million. Back in the early 2000s, director Ben Lewis made this interesting 23-minute feature that gives an inside look into “Gursky World.”

(via TOP)

  • Valentino

    If I have to listen to this moron saying “this is a gursky view” . . . a “gursky world,” I’m going to beat up the first unsuspecting innocent bystander I see outside lol 

    I’ll get my Mamiya C330, and take a photo of an open field, and try to find one with only one flower amongst the grass and rocks . . make it epicly big, becasue it speaks volume of emptiness and nothingness, and howpfully get paid millions for it. But I am an unknown so . . . Art is real? Art is truth? nope. . . it is namesake.

    btw, I can find MANy photos like the one I described. . . don’t sdee them selling for millions or even hundreds or thousands.

    What a crock! Nothing against gursky . . just those damn curators that should go back to interior decorating instead. Unlkess they want to pay me just thousands for one of my images . . in which case they are very nice people who know what they are doing most of the time.

  • Wonkabar1

    People get a name for themselves one way or another. Few are successful and maintain that success, many attempt to capitalize on others success other than make their own.

  • Dave

    Damien Hirst anyone? Not quite as unlikely as Gursky but still something to scratch your head about. I expect to be flamed but just so you know I really like surrealism even though I don’t claim to understand it.

  • Dan

    Its not Andreas Gursky we are interested in, its the jerk that paid so much for a poorly done photo.

  • Aaro Keipi

    Gursky is a brand, just like any other successful artist. Everyone complaining that his pictures aren’t worth the money don’t understand how the art world works–collectors buy art because they believe its value will increase. Unless, of course, you just want to be known as the guy who bought the world’s most expensive photograph. Mission accomplished!

  • 9inchnail

    I’ve seen a documentary about Gursky, most of his pics are bought by one and the same guy. Some millionaire from Warsaw. So it makes you wonder if his pictures are really that good or if some rich idiot just doesn’t know what to do with his money.

  • Nathan deGargoyle

    Sorry, I gave up at “Gursky is the most influential photog….”.  @BenLewis:disqus   wherever you may be, expensive isn’t the same as influential. How many photographers have been influenced by Gursky? And then how many by Cartier-Bresson or Ansel Adams or Diane Arbus or Brassai or Weston or Newton or Eggleston or….. well, you get the point.
    I’d lay odds that more photographers have been influenced by Petter Hegre than by Gursky. ;-)

  • Vladimirchira

    Photographers, not artists.

  • Art Critic

    It is all about money landering. Ask Mr Gursky how much of that $4.3 million he got to keep after paying off the money men. lol