Comic Strip: Photography Job Interview

Here’s a comic strip titled “Photography Job Interview” by Endless Origami.

This is the kinda stuff I’m talking about, and this, and this. And it’s all taken with this little nifty program that makes everyones photos feel artsy.

Last year photojournalist Damon Winter used Hipstamatic while covering the war in Afghanistan and subsequently had his photos published on the front page of the New York Times. David Guttenfelder, Teru Kuwayama and Balazs Gardi are three other photojournalists who have used iPhone filter apps to document the war.

(via YLovePhoto)

  • Anonymous

    But what are those filters adding to the image outside of a fake and inappropriate vintage look? I really don’t get it. Looks cheap to me.

  • Wing Wong


  • ScottKDC

    Really? I’ve got a fancy schmancy DSLR and I consider myself a pretty serious photographer, but Hipstamatic and Instagram are fun toys, and it’s nice to always have a camera in your pocket. I don’t think anyone using those apps has illusions about working for NatGeo.

  • d doran

    hipstamatic is a fabulous app. its reignited my love for photography, i always have it with me. my other pro dslr is far too big to carry around so i always leave it at home and only use it when i consciously go out to use it. its about shapes and colour not the highest technology.

  • Digital Dave

    That was a hilarious.

    I agree with Scott, I don’t think anyone is deluding themselves with those apps.

    Still, fun I’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    Too much snobbery with regards to these apps – surely the best camera for the job is the one you have with you?  

  • Tarena

    I go to art school…I’m a photo major….I can assure you, the app gets abused.

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone camera works even when not applying filters, believe it or not!

  • Anonymous

    Shapes and colors? You mean taking photos of people sitting across from you on the train?

  • Roman Liutikov

    Haha! I just speaking about 500px becoming worse than Flickr and that National Geographic probably the best :)