Beautiful Time-Lapse of Star Trails in the Making

You’ve seen photos of star trails, and time-lapse videos of stars, but how about a combination of the two? Olivier Martel created this beautiful 18-second video using a technique we’ve never seen before: stacking star trail photos into a time-lapse video showing the trails forming.

After capturing roughly 500 photos (25s, f/3.5, ISO1600) from midnight to 5am in Quebec, Canada, he used a popular star trail stacking program called Starstax. In addition to stacking all the images into one, he had the program save the intermediate images at each step. He then turned those images into the stunning video seen above. The finished (and fully stacked) image can be seen here.

  • Anonymous

    ..mhh Remixed Fringe’s intro song?

  • albert

    Not a bad idea! However, the execution is so-so. The Barn and the tree occupying such visual real estate heavily distract from the technique used.

  • samsam

    I’ve been using this technique :

  • Seshan

    The tree never moves… Seems weird.

  • TheRealWazzar

    For years, I’ve been wanting live-view during long exposures, just so I can see this in real time.