Camera Size: See How Digital Cameras Look Next to One Another

Mirrorless cameras are designed to be compact, but how big are they compared to DSLRs? How big are popular DSLRs compared to one another? Camera Size is a website that helps answer these types of questions. It’s a simple web app that shows you exactly how big digital cameras are compared to one another and compared to reference objects (e.g. a battery).

Here are some sample comparisons:

Sony NEX-5N vs. Fujifilm FinePix X100

Canon 7D vs. Nikon 300Ds

Canon 1D X vs. Canon Rebel T3i

The list of cameras is pretty long, but the site doesn’t cover older models at the moment. It would also be awesome if they started including lenses as well.

Camera Size (via fotografia)

  • Go Vegan

    its missing the canon 5d Mark II

  • Scott Huck

    Why not a Nikon D3?

  • Scott Huck

    my bad … it’s the first one on the website. oops.

  • Rob-L

    Thank you for mentioning this site! I’ve been looking for something like this!

  • patrick dinneen

    good idea but missing a lot- Pentax K-7, Pentax K-X etc.

  • עדי שטיין

    Very nice and useful site!
    I bought a new camera this week Model SX 40HS and when i got her she was exactly the same size appeared on this site! just amazing! I’ve shared  on my Facebook!!

  • Freshpix

    Awesome idea… only one Leica!!?

  • Photo from

    It’s very nice site

  • Dvorak

    the “hand” and “battery” are always in mm, even when you switch to inches. Also they should include battery grips.

  • George

    Nikon 300Ds.


  • Jurgenv

    And what’s the point of this? What does it tell us? Oh, one camera is bigger than another one, OK.