USBCELL: Rechargeable Batteries That Suck Juice From USB Ports

USBCELL batteries might look like ordinary AA rechargeable batteries upon first glance. That is, until you see how they’re charged. Rather than use a battery charger, the batteries are charged using the standard USB ports on your computer or laptop. They could come in handy on trips where you need power for your camera or flash, but want to avoid the hassle of a separate battery charger.

USBCELL AA Rechargable Battery [Amazon]

  • Pat O’Brien

    Interesting concept, but I’ll hold off until they have something stronger than 1300mAH

  • TylerIngram

    On my Macbook Air, it only has 2 usb ports. I doubt I would be using them to charge a single AA battery ;)

  • Dennis Marciniak

    They would be interesting in emergencies but I can’t see a practical use outside of that. I already carry 20 spare non-rechargeable AAs in my bag for emergencies. Seems like the more cheap/reliable solution to me.

  • Pauljmoleiro

    I bought two packs of these batteries last year for my xbox controllers and wile its convenient to charge them nether of them hold a charge a years later so people are probably better off with eneloop batteries they 1900mAh and they have a good reputation online