Capturing Surfing with a Portable Bullet-Time Rig Composed of 30 GoPros

Surf gear company Rip Curl recently teamed up with Time-Slice Films to make a video showing surfers in “bullet time“. Rather than use a giant DSLR rig, they decided to make a portable rig composed of 30 GoPro cameras.

Here’s the behind the scenes video:

…and here’s the video that resulted:

(via core77)

  • Charles Stafford

    The videos are backwards. But regardless, pretty cool stuff.

  • bwpmedia

    any clue as to what program they use to merge the clips?

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    They did the same thing with the gymkhana4 video

  • Dave

    Love it.

  • Martin Bignell

    Totally Rad, (oops showing my age) great film, thanks for sharing.

  • Scott McIntyre

    I’m surprised they didn’t use more of the capability of the video cameras. ┬áIt looked like the ones in the middle were just used like still cameras.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. Just talking about this with someone the other day before seeing it because it reminds me of the Rolling Stones video for “Like a Rolling Stone” circa 93-94 on Shattered.

    I like the unintended effect of how water drops on some of the cameras distort the image as you progress from camera to camera during still motion.

  • Chris Keth

    Some of that is software interpolating the space between cameras to try and create smooth “camera moves.”

  • yaya

    youre a fucking moron…”the videos are backwards?” stfu mad guy. do something yourself and have an original thought instead of making dumbass comments on shit you will never be talented or experienced enough to work on. later shitty.