Make a Cheap and Simple DSLR Slider by Giving a GorillaPod “Socks”

Photographer Peter Wirén came up with a super cheap and easy way to record sliding shots using his DSLR. Instead of buying an expensive slider or dolly system, he simply cut the fingers off an old glove and used them as “socks” on his GorillaPod.

Here’s a quick tutorial and some sample footage recorded with Wirén’s makeshift slider:

  • Emma P

    That is so cool!  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    very useful. Thank you!

  • Photos by JK

    What are those plates he is using to attach the shelf rails to? I went to Home Depot but couldn’t really find them. Any ideas of the actual name?

  • Waxart

    Can’t wait to get the materials and get my hubbie to build it. Very well explained. And thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  • ZG

    They are called “Tie Plates”, if the person at Home Depot doesn’t know them by that way they’re going to be in the same section as “Melding Plates” — I know this is a month-old comment I’m responding to, but maybe it will help someone else!