An Introduction to DSLR Sensor Sizes

Here’s a helpful video that attempts to demystify the concept of DSLR sensor sizes. If you’ve never been able to understand how sensor size (and its crop factor) affects resulting photographs, this video will help.

(via planet5D)

  • WhitneyWoolstenhulme

    Thanks that was very informative!

  • Shaner

    Great video.
    Content was relevant, easy to understand and well presented!

  • Marschalf

    They invalidated their whole test by using different lenses on the 50D and 5DmkII

  • Lamdajack

    There’s a big mistake in the video. There is only two things that affect depth of field. 1. Aperture and 2. Distance to the subjekt and background.
    “zooming in” with the lens equals a crop.